Mexico 2030 in the face of the fourth Industrial Revolution

Proposals for productivity, growth and social inclusion.

The CEEG generates jobs

We generate more than 500 thousand direct jobs and more than 1 million 500 thousand indirect jobs. We employ more than 10,000 people with graduate education.

10% of GDP

Our companies represent about 10 percent of Mexico’s GDP and more than 11 percent of Mexico’s exports.

Investment in Mexico

The projected investment of our members for 2015 was 11 thousand 172 million dollars.


The Executive Board of Global Companies, the CEEG, is an organization founded in 2004, integrated by close to 50 transnational companies with activities in Mexico, that brings together the Presidents and General Directors of the companies, in order to construct a permanent dialogue with the government, other business organizations, civil society, opinion leaders and academics, to make Mexico a more competitive, productive and equitable country.

Its main objectives are to:

  • Promote a better business environment and enhance Mexico’s competitiveness.
  • Boost the country’s capabilities and potential as an attractive destination for foreign investment.
  • Encourage sustained and equitable economic growth to reach higher levels of social inclusion and sustainability.


Mexico has all it requires to become the fifth largest exporter in the world and double its labor productivity during the next 15 years …


 Mexico has all it requires to become the fifth largest exporter in the world and double its labor productivity during the next 15 years.
The companies that integrate the CEEG are convinced that Mexico can and must consolidate itself as one of the most attractive investment destinations.
On the basis of our companies’ global experience and long-term commitment to Mexico, we implement and share the best international practices in the diverse sectors of business activities and we propose guidelines to generate a better business environment, a sustainable and equitable economic growth and well-paid jobs. To this end, we promote a constructive dialogue with businessmen, academic institutions and authorities, to contribute to the consolidation of the foundations of a more prosperous and inclusive country, where justice without exclusions and legal certainty are favored in arras of a harmonious development. In such perspective, the rule of law constitutes the primary and transverse axis of all our efforts.
In the CEEG we have full confidence in Mexico and its people. Its manpower, its technicians and professionals, its preferential access to the largest economies of the world, its privileged geographic location and particularly in recent times, in the structural reforms that place the country in a very favorable position to achieve this goal. We reiterate our firm commitment to the country. From our trench, we will work to strengthen competitiveness and a sustainable economic development with a greater inclusion and welfare for Mexicans.

Frédéric Garcia,President

Competitive Mexico

Mexico is a very attractive destination due to the quality of its workforce, its preferential access to the largest economies of the world, its privileged geographic location and particularly in recent times, because of the structural reforms implemented in the telecommunications, economic competition, energy, financial and education sectors, among others. All these factors have contributed to improving the investment climate in Mexico and generating better competitive conditions, that make the country a more attractive investment destination.

The CEEG in figures

The CEEG’s companies represent around 10 per cent of Mexico’s GDP and more than 11 per cent of the country’s exports. We generate more than 500 thousand direct jobs and 1 million 500 thousand indirect jobs. We employ more than 10,000 people with postgraduate education and generate 40 per cent of foreign direct investment (FDI).

In our companies, 20 per cent of executive positions are held by women, against 13.5 percent in the 500 largest companies in Mexico.

Our partners’ programmed investment for 2015 was of 11 thousand 172 million dollars, with an additional 13 thousand 503 million dollars of operation costs. These resources generated approximately 9 thousand new direct jobs and 46 thousand new indirect jobs. Through this, the CEEG’s companies demonstrate their confidence in Mexico’s development and the business opportunities for foreign companies.

What do we do?

As an organization dedicated to promoting competitiveness in Mexico, the CEEG seeks to position the country as an attractive destination for investment. On the basis of the global experience of our companies and our long-term commitment with Mexico, we share best international practices in the different sectors of business activities and propose public policies that contribute to the achievement of this objective.

We focus on 6 major lines of work that unfold into the specific agendas of our WORK COMMITTEES; pillars that sustain the CEEG’s operation. We channel our efforts through these committees to achieve a greater impact.



This document complements the Competitiveness Agenda promoted by the CEEG in 2012, which contains specific long-term proposals to achieve an economic growth that incorporates a greater social inclusion. It visualizes Mexico in the year 2030 and proposes goals to position the country in the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The text underlines the CEEG’s companies’ commitment to long term investment in Mexico and reiterates our wish to be a strategic partner of the government, in order to work together towards the economic and social development of the country.


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Value Chains Development

Carlos Guzmán – President

Global value chains represent growth, development and employment opportunities. Mexico has very favorable conditions to insert itself in the different stages of the productive processes of any given product.
For this reason, one of our priorities is to develop domestic suppliers, for them to successfully insert into value chains. To this end, we help increase the SMES’s competitiveness, through our experience and knowledge of international best practices.


Dieter Holtz – President

Faced with the challenges that a knowledge economy implies, it’s essential to improve Mexicans’ skills, both in terms of education and in the labor market. To do this, in the CEEG we work to strengthen the link between education supply and labor demand, and thus increase the relevance of education.

South-Southeast Development

Manuel J. Bravo – President

With the knowledge that the country’s growth and development has not been equitable between the northern and southern states of the country, in the CEEG we seek to help close this gap by participating in the design of policies and instruments that promote the incorporation of Mexico’s laggard regions into the productive development process, in order to generate greater social inclusion.

Equity and Inclusion

Claudia Jañez – President

In the CEEG, we firmly believe that incorporating more women into the labor force contributes to eradicate poverty and to promote an inclusive economic growth. In our companies 20 per cent of executive positions are held by women, against 13.5 percent in the 500 largest companies in Mexico.
We have institutional policies for gender equality and we are permanently striving to incorporate more women into our workforce. We also share our experience and good practices to promote gender equality in the country.

Rule of Law

Francisco Merino – President

The most important change to achieve competitiveness, create the necessary conditions for long-term investment and bring about the welfare of society, is the full implementation of the Rule of Law. In the CEEG we strive to make *compliance* a comparative advantage in Mexico. To this end, we implement workshops by sector, to help the SME’s develop their ability to observe the *compliance* rules and procedures which we, as global companies, are subject to in our countries of origin, and that are a prerequisite to become our suppliers. In addition to consolidating the competitiveness of Mexican SME´s, this will promote a culture of legality and strengthen the Rule of Law.


Vladimiro de la Mora – President

In the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, innovation is essential to achieve a solid economic growth, and it’s for this reason that in the CEEG we seek to contribute to the transformation of the environment and the creation of a favorable climate for the promotion of research and development (R&D) in Mexico. The global companies participate in important sectors of the economy and through our investments in infrastructure, innovation centers, technology development and training of human capital, we generate a very positive effect in fostering innovation.